Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, Year 4 celebrated Safer Internet day. The theme for this year was: play your part for a better internet.

SID2016_logoWe shared our experiences of the internet – what we use it for, what we enjoy the most about, what worries us about it and what to do if we come across unkind or abusive comments (cyber-bullying).

We listened to some different scenarios of commenting on the internet and thought about how they made us feel. We then stood next to words displayed around the classroom that described how we felt.

After that, we wrote our messages on hearts to share either what we love about the internet, what we would do to make the internet better or to share a positive message about the importance of being ourselves. Our core values really shone through during this activity!

Enjoy reading some of our messages below. We hope they inspire you to be yourselves and play your part in making a better, safer, happier internet.

If you need to advice on using the internet safely, or someone to talk to if you are worried about something online, come and visit Year 4 – we’ll be happy to help.

You can also use these websites:

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